You will need a Server to perform well with at least:

  • CPU: 2
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Disk: 10GB
  • Python 3


👀 Heads up for modoboa versions 1.15 and later

Python 2 support has been dropped with modoboa version 1.15. If you still have Python 2 installed on your system either uninstall it or force modoboa user to run with Python 3.

Manual installation

For those who need a manual installation or who just want to setup a specific part, here are the steps you must follow:


Only few commands are needed to add a new extension to your setup.

In case you use a dedicated user and/or a virtualenv, do not forget to use them:

> sudo -u <modoboa_user> -i bash
> source <virtuenv_path>/bin/activate

Then, run the following commands:

> pip install <EXTENSION>==<VERSION>
> cd <modoboa_instance_dir>
> python migrate
> python collectstatic
> python check --deploy

Then, restart your web server.