Migrating from other software


Modoboa provides a simple script to migrate an existing PostfixAdmin (version 2.3.3+) database to a Modoboa one.


This script is only suitable for a new installation.

First, you must follow the Installation step to create a fresh Modoboa database.

Once done, edit the settings.py file. First, add a new database connection named pfxadmin into the DATABASES variable corresponding to your PostfixAdmin setup:

    "default" : {
        # default connection definition
    "pfxadmin" : {
        "ENGINE" : "<engine>",
        "NAME" : "<database name>",
        "USER" : "<database user>",
        "PASSWORD" : "<user password>",

This connection should correspond to the one defined in PostfixAdmin’s configuration file.

Then, uncomment the line containing 'modoboa.tools.pfxadmin_migrate' inside the MODOBOA_APPS variable and save your changes.

You are now ready to start the migration so run the following commands:

$ cd <modoboa_site>
$ python manage.py migrate_from_postfixadmin -s <password scheme>

<password scheme> must be replaced by the scheme used within postfixadmin (crypt most of the time).

Depending on how many domains/mailboxes your existing setup contains, the migration can be long. Just wait for the script’s ending.

The procedure is over, edit the settings.py file and:

  • remove the pfxadmin database connection from the DATABASES variable
  • remove the 'modoboa.tools.pfxadmin_migrate', from the MODOBOA_APPS variable

You should be able to connect to Modoboa using the same credentials you were using to connect to PostfixAdmin.