Migrating from other software


Since version 0.8.5, Modoboa provides a simple script to migrate an existing PostfixAdmin (version 2.3.3+) database to a Modoboa one.


This script is only suitable for a new installation.

First, you must follow the Installation step to create a fresh Modoboa database.

Once done, edit the settings.py file. First, add a new database connection named pfxadmin into the DATABASES variable corresponding to your PostfixAdmin setup:

  "default" : {
    # default connection definition
  "pfxadmin" : {
    "ENGINE" : "<engine>",
    "NAME" : "<database name>",
    "USER" : "<database user>",
    "PASSWORD" : "<user password>",

This connection should correspond to the one defined in PostfixAdmin’s configuration file.

You are now ready to start the migration. Enter Modoboa’s root directory and execute the following command:

    ./tools/pfxadmin_migrate/migrate.py -r -p <directory that stores mailboxes>

Depending on how many domains/mailboxes your existing setup contains, the migration can be long. Just wait for the script’s ending.

Once the migration has succeed, go the Admin > Configuration panel, click on the admin row and modify the value of MAILDIR_ROOT as follow:


The corresponding field must be empty. Don’t touch other fields except PASSWORD_SCHEME, if needed. (set it to the same method as the one used by PostfixAdmin, check its configuration file if you’re not sure)

Click on the Save button.

The procedure is over, edit the settings.py file and:

  • remove the pfxadmin database connection from the DATABASES variable
  • remove the 'modoboa.tools.pfxadmin_migrate', from the INSTALLED_APPS variable

You should be able to connect to Modoboa using the same credentials you were using to connect to PostfixAdmin.